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Maavarim’s initiative is to assist Israel’s Small Businesses which have been devastated by the war.
Our goal is to connect overseas customers directly to the diverse services & products offered by Israel’s small businesses.
Ma’avrim is a department of Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs that provides employment and economic development services in Israel’s peripheral and rural areas.

This is the time to support small business owners, which will help them prosper in these hard times posed by the war. They need your support now more than ever.
Support Israel’s small businesses !

*The purchase of products and services is made directly with each business owner by clicking on the contact details.


Assaf Rodriguez

Bring the beauty of Israel Valley and kibbutz realism home

Beatrice Goc

Bronze sculptures

Dikla Laor

Photography Book, “Women of the Bible”, Brings Biblical women to life

Doron Adorian

An artist based painting in oil and ink


Adi Terner Eisenberg

I will be donating 10% of my proceeds to the communities harmed

Adi Watches

Adi Watch Factory: Timeless Quality Watches for Your Brand and Cause

Aviva Cohen

Adorn Your Life with Unique Handmade Jewelry, Custom Crafted for You

Aviya Hoffman

Craft timeless moments with enduring handcrafted jewelry.

Health & Wellness

Adi Rozali "Rosecards Aromatherapy"

Rosecards Aromatherapy- Insight Cards with messages from the wisdom of the plants

Anat Sela

Couples counselor (MA) Sex counselor Specialized in relationships. life. English and Hebrew

Aviad Grinberg

Saphira is a salon professional healing hair care line infused with 26 minerals

Avital Raban

Enhance Your Daily Ritual with Handcrafted Herbal Olive Oil Soaps


Adi Vinaver

Dreadlocks: Celebrating Women's Style with Colorful, Unique, and Affordable Fashion

Carmit Josman

Enhance your practice with eco-friendly, comfortable yoga wear from Ripple.

Galina Mutznik Gal

Refine your style with flattering, feminine designs in natural fabrics.

Ifat Levy

Empowering Motherhood: Elevate Your Maternity and Nursing Wardrobe with Love.

Design & Decor

Adam Efrat

Stand with us for amazing, high-quality furniture - crafted in Israel

Avital Alaluof Lugassi

Home style design with personal touch

Avner Falk

Discover inventive, Israeli-made design on our website and Amazon US

Chen Keren

Vanill Home Decor: Transform Your Space with Stylish and Practical Vinyl Mats

Business & Marketing

Arieh Kram

Elevate Your Brand with Expert Content, Marketing, and Communication Solutions

Asaf Navon - Mandogames

Software development company

Avihay Zanetti

Amplify your brand's online success with an enhanced digital presence

David Deshe

Boost your product's success with our boutique marketing expertise

Real Estate & Finance

Asaf Radai

Secure Your Israeli Pension from the USA with Lindkin Expertise

Dafna Koren Cohen

Explore Israel's Rich Tapestry with an Experienced Guide and Lecturer

Gali Yanay

Embark on kosher boutique tours with like-minded, quality-seeking explorers worldwide

Ori Hanuka

Tailored financial portfolios for your evolving investment goals

Visual Arts and Entertainment

Chaim Chananel

Capture Lifelong Memories and Boost Your Brand with Our Video Production

Gilboa Dakar

Preserve your family's story with a printed memoir to cherish

Ilana Shmula

Husmusa - Unleash Your Superpowers with a Life-Changing Children's Book

Inbal Merom

Video Editor -weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, online courses and more


Hadar almog

Empower and guide through potential unlocking, stress management in Zoom

Izhar Pinthus

Engage youth with a vibrant, accessible Zionist prayer book

Natalie Goren

Many beautiful, inspirational Israeli gifts made in Israel, in Hebrew

Noa Zion

Bring the Galilee Home: Natural Gifts for Your Senses


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